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Dan Bearden, PhD (Physics, Rice University, 1986)

The beautiful things of the world (art, dance, music, prose, poetry … and so much more) are reflected in the world of science including physics, chemistry, biology and math, especially when one considers the intricate clockwork and harmony demonstrated in nature with a consistent (biblical?) worldview. As a father of three sons whom we homeschooled through high school graduation and through teaching at the college level, I have developed an appreciation of the art of learning and am energized when people experience their own ‘aha!’ moments. The development of scientific literacy is key to helping young students better comprehend this fast moving, complex society we live in, and I am pleased that DAI provides so many creative ways for young people to expand their horizons. As a leader in the DAI STEM program, I look forward to sharing my 30+ years of experience as a professional scientist to motivate a love and appreciation of STEM in fresh young minds.