Leadership Takes a Team

Challenging one another to better our community.

DAI Leadership and Student Standards

We expect a certain standard of conduct and attitude from our students and leadership. Below are some values and expectations for everyone here. We make these statements to one another regularly.


I respect you and who you are as a person. I am your advocate.

I am committed to you. We win together, fail together.


I will never lie to you.

I will never talk about you.

I have your back.


You can count on me. I have no excuses.

I am always on time and always prepared.


I will look you in the eye and speak truth. 

I will let nothing linger.

I will actively engage all newcomers. There are no strangers here.

Collective Responsibility

I succeed as I help you succeed.

We win together. We fail together.


I will handle every situation with focus and enthusiasm, without complaint. 

When I am in over my head, I will ask for help.


I own my future. I have taken ownership and will make it happen. 

I represent a great organization. I will behave and represent you and it, wherever I am.


I will give all my energy to you. 

You will get no less than my all.


I will learn everything I can here. Then pass it on.

I will do whatever I can to help you succeed. 

As I succeed, I will pass on everything I know.

Once I succeed, I will continue learning.

I may never be the best, but I can be my best.

Bottom Line

I will be all I can be so that you can be all you can be.

We will challenge one another and better the world.

Sponsorship Packet

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