Podcast Recording Services

Professional Podcast Recording Services

With podcasting or any professional video production service, one size does not fit all. We believe in tailoring each package to precisely match your unique requirements. Our approach ensures you launch with confidence and strength, while also accommodating future growth and adaptation as you carve out your distinct voice and direction. We help you start the podcast journey on solid ground, ready to evolve seamlessly with your vision.

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Initial Setup and Design Considerations

Discussing your team’s goals is the first step to finding success in a podcast production. Much effort goes into creating your look and feel. It’s all part of finding your voice as an individual or an organization.

Points to consider:

– Video or Audio Runtime
– Set Design (Furniture, wall colors, table, bookshelves)
– Lighting Design
– Number of Cameras/Guests
– Props (Bookshelves, TV, Silk Plants, Decor, Bring your Own)
– Branded Bumper Animation
– Theme Music Stingers

Podcast Rental Spaces

Podcast Set A

– 12’ x 16’ Dark gray and brick background
– Currently in use for Didn’t Hate It podcast

Podcast Set

Podcast Set B

We call this one our flex space. It changes regularly to suit currents needs. One week it’s a fully furnished kid’s bedroom for a short film, next it’s a sermon message set.

– 13’ x 14’ Silver mist walls and one teal accent wall with a window for adding outside light into the scene.
– This space is perfect for 1 but can work well with up to 3 persons on camera.

Podcast Set
Didn't Hate It Movie Podcast Jesaiah Burnett

Podcast Set C

This larger set is perfect for as many as 4 or 5 guests.

– 12’ x 16’ Dark gray side walls, light gray back wall can be decorated with rug/tapestry or logo backdrop.
– This space is suitable for larger tables with up to 5 persons on camera.

Southaven Podcast Studio Rental

Furnishings and More

Tables & Seating

– Counter Height Large Oval Drop Leaf Table
– Kitchen Style Table with chairs
– Various comfy stools and chairs
– Café Tables


Backdrops can be swapped out to suit your organization’s look with large 8×10 rugs. There are a number of design choices online and locally.


We offer video uploading to Youtube, Rumble, etc.

– We add appropriate keywords/keyphrases
– We can add captioning if desired.
– Many aggregate distro services are available for audio podcasts. Client will pay for that service and we will upload as needed.


– Finished video files are delivered as .MP4 in 1080p or 4k resolution.
– Audio files for audio platforms (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc.) can be delivered as MP3, AIFF or WAV.
– The final export video can be delivered to you to use as you desire, or we can upload to Youtube, Rumble, etc., for you.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time varies depending on the length of the podcast runtime and factors such as graphics, inserted video clips, and revisions. We target a 15 day turnaround but can customize based on your needs.

Additional Services

– Set Design and Construction: Prices vary
– Script Writing/Content Creation: Prices vary
– Live Streaming Services coming soon

On Location Podcasts

We can also come to your location to capture your podcast. Inquire for an estimate.

Retainers and Discounts

– Weekly/Monthly Retainer Packages: Discounted rates available
– Referral Discounts: Refer a client and receive a discount on your next booking

PODCAST Recording Equipment

Up to 4 cameras and mics are included. No charge for camera support gear such as tripods, lenses, etc., unless you just wanna get crazy with it. We can add dolly track or jib if moving shots are desired or an overhead shot if you are presenting something on the tabletop, such as painting.


– We currently utilize a Blackmagic Design Ursa 4.6k for the wide shot and 3 Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema 6k cameras for individual shots.
– We typically shoot in 4k for editing crop and reframe flexibility when exporting as HD 1080p.
– We recommend shooting in 4k since Youtube loves 4k footage and does little to no processing of a 4k image providing professional looking results.


Mic placement or concealment depends on the desired look you want to achieve. Mics may be completely hidden or table mounted.

– Lavs – hidden beneath shirt or clipped on lapel/collar
– SM48 – visible, mounted on table
– Zoom ZDM-1 Condenser Mic – visible, mounted on table

General Podcasting STUDIO & CREW Rates

Podcast Space Rental

– Hourly Rate: $125
– Half-Day Rate (4 hrs): $375
– Full-Day Rate (8 hrs): $700

Production Crew

– Director/Producer: $100/hr
– Videographer/Cameraperson: $80/hr
– Sound Engineer: $80/hr
– Studio Technician/Assistant: $50/hr


$80/hr includes:

– Video Editing
– Audio Processing (EQ, compression, noise reduction)
– Color Correction & Grading (Camera matching, LUTs/Looks)
– Logo Bumpers
– Graphics (lower third titles, end cards, etc.)
– Transcription/Captions

Terms and Conditions

– Deposit: 50% of total booking fee required to secure the reservation. Balance due prior to final delivery/upload.
– Cancellation Policy
– 80% refund if canceled within 2 weeks of filming date
– No refund if canceled within 48hrs of filming date
– Postponements subject to renegotiation
– Overtime Charges: Additional 30% of hourly rate applied for each hr exceeding the agreed booking time.

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For more information and to get started, please contact us at 901.308.7622 or email [email protected]