Grand Larceny Casting Call

Rockwell Visual and Desoto Arts Institute are casting for a new short film. ‘Grand Larceny’ is a fun and witty tale about a group of young friends who plan to face off against the neighborhood bully but uncover a greater threat to the community. 

Production will begin in early September in Southaven, MS. Filming will primarily be done on two weekends – Friday evenings, Saturday days/evenings, and Sunday afternoons.

This is a micro budget production but actors will be compensated.

Audition submissions must be received by August 20th.

Available Roles

We are casting for the following characters:

Anna – 11 year old girl, black or white, sweet, precocious, funny

Brock – 11 year old boy, white  

Charlie – 11 year old girl, asian/hispanic/ethnic, smart, funny

Derek – 13 year old boy, white bully

Emery – 40s/50s, white, tough look, abusive father, car thief

Frank – 40s/50s, white, tough look, car thief

Clerk – 20s female

Police Officer – open to anyone fitting

Audition Notes

Filming on a phone is fine. Make sure you are well lit and easily heard. 

Please film three different takes on the material; film one take to faithfully adhere to the script, film one with something very different and over the top, then film one with your very own interpretation – whatever you feel makes it better. Have fun with it! 

Also submit a clip with a little about yourself and why you think you’d be good in the chosen role. 


Download Sides

Download the audition sides for the role you seek. Choose wisely, my friend.

Anna, Brock, & Charley

Derek & Clerk

Emory & Frank


A Quick Note to Parents

Thank you for your interest in our film. We want you to know we maintain a child-friendly environment at all times at DAI and on set. We enjoy working with students and children and strive to protect and mentor young people. Parents always have access to our programs, film sets, scripts, or whatever is going on at DAI. 

We don’t normally share our complete scripts but we will share the full script with you upon request. Always feel free to reach out directly to me at robb at rockwellvisual dot com.