2020 Stuck at Home Screenwriter Competition

While sequestered over the coming days, we have a challenge for you! Write a 4 to 6 page screenplay that can be produced by DAI in or near our studios in Southaven / DeSoto County. We will review each and choose those that we can produce. We hope to receive a number of scripts as you exercise your minds with all this free time.

Grand Prize

A $100 cash prize will be given to the winning script. But the cool thing is every good script is considered for being produced by DAI and you get to help make it!

Theme Ideas

We didn’t want to name this competition after the virus but it definitely gave us some ideas on theme.

Consider the below themes figuratively (or literally) and come up with a unique perspective to avoid the stereotypical that certainly most writers will pursue.

  • Survival
  • Isolation
  • Trapped / Stuck
  • Technology
  • Long Distance Relationships
  • Hoarding
  • Neighbors / Neighborhood
  • Caring for Others


Judging will be done in-house by the DAI Leadership Team.

Scripts will be judged by the following criteria and ranked in order by:


We want stories that are moving and meaningful. Something that hits you in the feels.


We want stories we can produce with relatively little effort. No period pieces, no giant monsters.

Unique Perspective

We want something fresh and unique. Something with a deeper subtext. Surprise us.

Script Format

We will not even read a story that is not properly formatted. Seriously. Try Celtx for free.

Registration is Free

Please fill out the Google Registration Form to enter the competition. If you have not received an Invitation Code, please contact us for a code.

Deadline & Final Submission

Entry Deadline is April 5th, 2020.

Deadline for script submission is May 15, 2020.


If you would like us to review a beat sheet prior to writing, please let us know. We would be happy to help. Contact us!


Save the Cat Beat Sheet with Explanation

This is the short version of what the Save the Cat Beat Sheet is. Get the Save the Cat book for yourself and you’ll be on your way quickly to learning to write a story for the big screen.

DAI Story Generator

We developed this as a writing tool for our classes. It’s amaziong how many stories we have come up with using this simple tool.

Creating a Story Practically for the Big Screen (or Tiny Screens) 

Robb’s method for getting ideas from paper into screenwriting software in a logical process. We are always adding new tips.